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Opposition to London's Segregated Cycle Lanes

A recent post by Peter Walker on the Guardian's Bike Blog has revealed that newly unveiled plans for cycling 'superhighways' across the centre of London are sparking fierce debate between those in support of the scheme and those who oppose it. The ambitious plans propose almost entirely segregated cycle lanes largely based on Dutch / Danish style infrastructure by 2016. However, the current discord risks delaying this timetable.

Injured Veterans Face Delays Over Compensation Claims

The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association has suggested that the average waiting time for compensation claims made by veterans has increased from 82 days in 2010 to 219 days in 2014. There were 36,000 new compensation claims in 2013-2014.

1200 People Each Year Contract Hepatitis E Through Infected Blood Transfusions

A new study by the Lancet medical journal has shown that 1,200 people each year in the UK contract the Hepatitis E (HEV) virus through infected blood transfusions.

NHS Doctors Missed Pancreatic Cancer 19 Times

In September 2013, a woman from New Abbot in Devon started seeking medical help for her back pains. It felt like it was spreading to her abdomen. After having blood tests and ultrasound scan, she was informed that nothing unusual could be seen in her results.

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