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Bournemouth/Southampton Personal Injury Law Blog

Minor Cosmetic Procedures Nearly Risk-Free

On 5 November 2014, US journal JAMA Dermatology published a research based on the examination of more than 20,000 cosmetic procedures performed by 23 dermatologists at 8 centres across the United States. According to this research, there were no major complications minor and were limited to bruising, swelling, redness, bumpiness or skin darkening which occurred in less than 1 percent of patients.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum Launches "A City To Share" Scheme To Better Accommodate Cyclists

Portsmouth Cycle Forum has launched its new "A City to share" strategy in the hopes of addressing the way streets are designed to better accommodate cyclists. The plan hopes to encourage more people to cycle. It comes shortly after council leader Donna Jones invited the forum to propose improvements and in August the Portsmouth Cycle Forum wrote an open letter demanding change. The plan hopes to reduce traffic congestion and improve the overall wellbeing of the city by assigning additional space for cyclists who travel through the city on its main routes. The forum will also liaise with public transport operators, discussing how to support the increasing number of customers who switch to cycling after disembarking in the city.

Airlines ordered to pay out if flights are delayed: Victory for passengers who can claim for past six years.

Two million passengers a year whose flights are delayed by technical faults could now be entitled to hundreds of pounds each, after judges found such problems are the sole responsibility of the airline. As a result the industry is now expected to have to pay out £3.89billion for historic claims, including those for passengers who made their claims as long as six years ago.

Stroke Victim Died After Being Turned Away From Specialist Hospital Because Staff Were Going Home For The Weekend, Inquest Hears.

Retired vet John Mallalieu, 89, died in December last year after a call handler missed two opportunities to send an ambulance to his home, an inquest heard.

New Initiative Aims To Cut Death Toll On Roads Caused By Young Drivers

Bournemouth Borough council has joined forces with safety centre Streetwise to offer a new 'Life Drive' initiative to drivers aged 17-25. The idea has been developed following the release of shocking statistics relating to the number of accidents involving young drivers. Indeed, drivers under the age of 25 make up just 12% of drivers in Bournemouth but are involved in more than 25% of reported accidents in the town.

NHS Errors Costing Billions A Year

In a speech delivered last week at Birmingham Children's Hospital, Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, declared that 'Good Care Costs Less'. It has been estimated that mistakes cost the NHS up to 2.5 billion per year. Mr Hunt opined that it is too often believed that the best care is only provided when it can be afforded. He urged for a culture change in which improving care is the best way of controlling costs.

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