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NHS Doctors Missed Pancreatic Cancer 19 Times

In September 2013, a woman from New Abbot in Devon started seeking medical help for her back pains. It felt like it was spreading to her abdomen. After having blood tests and ultrasound scan, she was informed that nothing unusual could be seen in her results.

Overhaul of the Liverpool Care Pathway

Following the recent independent review carried out by crossbench peer Baroness Julia Neuberger, the Government has called for the Liverpool Care Pathway to be phased out in favour of a more tailored approach to end of life care. The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) was originally designed as a framework to assist healthcare staff in providing holistic end of life care. However, the recent review has found that this framework is too often used as a tick box system which does little to take into account the individual needs of patients. This approach has led to cases where patients have had to endure undue suffering during their final days. Distressing reports of patients being denied basic nutrition and hydration have been seen as clear evidence of the need for change.

14-year-old British boy scout killed by fall on rocks jumping into pool on Alpine canyoning trip

Elliot Alexander Peacock, 14, died during an exercise at the Lillaz waterfalls in the Italian Alps. He was travelling with a group of 40 children aged between 10 and 17 and was a member of the Eastwood District Scouts.

NHS Has Plans For People With Long Term Conditions To Be Treated On A Multi-Disciplinary Basis

The NHS have plans for people with long term conditions to be treated on a multi-disciplinary basis in the community with the patients themselves at the centre as part of the team.

Is Age Discrimination in the NHS Preventing the Elderly from Gaining Access to Vital Surgery?

A new report from The Royal College of Surgeons suggests that age discrimination within the NHS system may be preventing older people from gaining access to vital surgery.

"One-fifth of hospitals may be covering up mistakes"

On Tuesday 8th July 2014, the Government will launch the next stage of a campaign to reduce the number of serious mistakes in hospitals. According to Government statistics, 29 out of 141 NHS trusts did not record the expected number of safety incidents.

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